10 Boho Color Palette Ideas with Hex Codes

Welcome to the vibrant world of boho color palettes, where creativity meets coziness! Whether you’re looking to infuse your home with a sense of artistic freedom or seeking inspiration for redesign, these sample boho color palette ideas will guide you in crafting spaces and styles that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal.

Whether you’re designing your bedroom, living room, office, or kitchen, let’s discover how these palettes can transform your surroundings into a reflection of your free-spirited soul.

1. Earth Tones

Earth toned Boho living room interior.
Boho color palette with HEX codes for Earth Tones.

A boho-inspired earth tone palette uses deep browns, sunbaked terracotta, and warm greys to reflect the richness of the natural world.

These hues create a tranquil sanctuary, blending the robustness of the earth with the rustic elegance of artisanal design. Applied to any space, they evoke a sense of calm, anchoring the room in comfort and organic sophistication.

2. Neutral Boho

Neutral bohemian bedroom design.
Neutral boho color palette with HEX codes.

Neutral boho colors ground its aesthetic in a soothing base of whites and creams, enriched with accents of natural wood and leather, embodying minimalist elegance.

This classic, clean, and versatile palette serves as a serene backdrop that can be enlivened with an array of textures and patterns. It’s a style that marries simplicity with warmth, inviting an understated sophistication into the bohemian space.

3. Jewel Tones

Jewel-toned Bohemian bedroom.
Boho color palette with HEX codes for Jewel Tones.

Jewel tones infuse bohemian spaces with opulence, where lively greens, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple stand out, offering depth and a luxurious ambiance.

These vivid shades draw inspiration from precious gems, enhancing the boho aesthetic with their rich, saturated beauty. They create a bold statement that celebrates both nature’s palette and the spirit of adventure inherent in bohemian design.

4. Tropical Greens

Tropical green Boho living room.
Boho color palette with HEX codes for Tropical Greens.

Tropical greens combine multiple green shades with warm browns, mirroring the essence of lush outdoor foliage and infusing interiors with vibrant, natural energy.

This palette transforms spaces into indoor sanctuaries, harmonizing the indoors with the tranquil spirit of the outdoors. It’s an organic touch that revitalizes and brings the soothing presence of nature right into your home.

5. Desert Palette

Desert boho living room color palette.
Desert Boho color palette.

The desert palette in bohemian design encapsulates the tranquil beauty of arid landscapes with sandy beiges, soft pinks, and hints of cactus green, creating a serene backdrop that reflects the quiet and subtle vibrancy of a desert at dusk.

This color scheme evokes a soothing calmness, reminiscent of a quiet desert landscape, inviting a sense of warmth and natural beauty into the living space. It’s a harmonious blend that offers a tranquil yet colorful base, perfect for layering with textures and patterns to capture the bohemian spirit.

6. Neutral Blue

Neutral blue boho color palette in living room.
Neutral blue Boho color palette with HEX codes.

Neutral blues in a boho palette channel the serene spirit of the sea with soft blues and aquamarine, cradled by the soothing shades of sandy or white tones.

This tranquil color scheme is a breath of fresh air, offering a calming effect that captures the restorative essence of oceanic vistas. It’s a blend that promotes relaxation and reflects the timeless beauty of a coastal retreat within any interior space.

7. Monochrome with a Twist

Monochrome with a twist Boho living room.
Monochrome Boho color palette with HEX codes.

Monochrome with a bright pop of color elevates neutral tones, using them as a canvas to be enlivened by a burst of vivid colors such as fuchsia or electric blue.

This approach brings a modern edge to boho style, offering a striking contrast that captivates and refreshes the eye. It’s a dynamic interplay of subtlety and surprise that invigorates the space with a bold yet harmonious energy.

8. Pastel Boho

Pastel boho bedroom design.
Pastel boho color palette with HEX codes.

A pastel boho palette infuses the bohemian aesthetic with a gentle touch of color, featuring delicate pastel pink, light blue, and peach tones.

This palette softens the room with a dreamy quality, offering a tranquil take on a typically vibrant boho style. It’s perfect for creating a peaceful retreat that calms the senses while still maintaining a chic, artistic vibe.

9. Vintage Florals

Vintage floral boho living room and wallpaper.
Vintage florals boho color palette with HEX codes.

Vintage floral patterns bring an old-world charm to boho styling, weaving together muted tones of rose, sage green, and blues reminiscent of timeless floral patterns.

This palette exudes a nostalgic grace, offering a romantic backdrop that complements the bohemian love for history and nature. It’s a gentle yet evocative combination that infuses spaces with a sense of heritage and soft, botanical beauty.

10. Moroccan Spice

Moroccan bohemian bedroom design.
Moroccan spice boho color palette with HEX codes.

Rich Moroccan shades capture the essence of traditional Moroccan decor with a palette that includes the rich warmth of burnt orange, the depth of warm browns, and the vibrant zest of golden yellow.

These colors conjure images of spice markets and sunsets, infusing spaces with an exotic and inviting atmosphere. It’s a bold and cozy scheme that brings a touch of North African charm to the bohemian home.